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In this day and age, the society is already accustomed and familiar with the changes brought by the modern era. Modern innovations and inventions are already part of the daily lives of the people, for it has brought them a lot of advantages, conveniences and opportunities in life. One of the most well-known and beneficial products of modernization is the internet. The internet is recognized as a network of networks that consists of various local to global networks, such as academic, public, private, government, and business, that is linked with the use of networking technologies that can be classified as optical, electronic, and wireless. One of the services offered by the internet is the World Wide Web, and one of its primary functions is to enable the any individuals or organizations to publish information and ideas to the public people in the internet through websites, web page or blog.


A great blog, which is a term that comes from the expression weblog, is a form of website that may consist of discussion and information that is being published in the World Wide Web, in the form of discrete and informal dairy-style text entries. The individual who handles or published a blog site is called as a blogger, and the act of blogging is recognized as a form of social networking service, in a way that these bloggers does not intend to just produce the contents of their blogs, but also to create social relations with the colleagues, especially with their readers. Some of the common functions and uses of a blog include as a commentary section on a specific topic, such as sports or politics; as an online personal diaries of the authors or bloggers; as a rich media portfolios, which include arts, photographs, audios or music, and videos; or as an individual's or company's online brand advertising, informal engagement and corporate newsletter.


Blogs is categorizes in different types, namely the corporate and organizational blogs, personal blogs, group blogs or collaborative blogs, microblogging, reverse blog, blogs by genre, aggregated blogs, blogs by device, and blogs by media type. There are a lot of companies that offers services like website or blog builder for free. Most of these companies also provide their clients or their members the option to design their own blogsites based on their likings. The people who wants to learn more about blogs and wants to find the best blog builders or makers, can find them through the use of the internet, or through the word of mouth of friends and colleagues, view website here!